What is Synapse Xen?

Synapse is well known in the Roblox exploiting community. It is a powerful Lua executor. Now another name is going viral, Synapse Xen. Exploits are boasting that they support it and it is used heavily as YouTube clickbait. Well done to the creator, 3dsboy08, for making two successful projects. So, what is Synapse Xen and why would you want it?

Synapse Xen isn’t an upgraded version of Synapse, it’s actually a different product. It is a Lua obfuscator. In simple terms, it converts Lua scripts to spammy and unreadable nonsense. For example, it would convert something as simple “print(‘Hello world!’)” to the code in the following image.

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Roblox’s Filtering Enabled Explained

While exploiting a Roblox game, have you ever tried deleting a wall, but your friends can’t see it disappeared? Have you ever tried killing a player just to see that they don’t actually die? This is due to a feature called, “Filtering enabled.”

Filtering enabled is an anti-exploit feature. If filtering is enabled, changes made to your device doesn’t translate to changes on the server, thus doen’t show on another user’s computer. This isn’t all too terrible though, it is still possible to cheat with immense power. Some cheats are actually still visible to others even with filtering enabled.

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